Neha Markle

Managing Director, Morgan Stanley AIP Private Markets Team
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About Neha Markle

Neha is a portfolio manager on the Morgan Stanley AIP Private Markets team and has 20 years of industry experience. She serves on the diversity council for Morgan Stanley Investment Management (AIP’s parent) and also leads the firm’s internal mentoring program to help it cultivate and retain promising talent. Prior to joining the firm, Neha worked at Pomona Capital, managing secondary and primary interests in venture capital and buyout funds, and Apax Partners, a leading global private equity firm. Previously, she served on the management team at Springboard Enterprises, a non-profit organization focused on venture capital, and as an analyst at Morgan Stanley. Neha received a BS magna cum laude in economics from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA with honors from the Wharton School.

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LP - Fee-earning

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Private Equity/Buyouts Growth Equity Real Estate Infrastructure Real Assets Hedge Fund