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Featuring women with authority tackling topics that are top of mind for institutional investors, dealmakers, and capital formation professionals, our PEAK webinars and networking events connect women in private equity, venture capital, and other alternatives for a candid exchange of industry insights and perspectives.

All PEAK members will receive complimentary access to the events listed below. Events for the second half of 2021 will be announced soon!

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April 14, 2021    I    12:00 – 1:00 PM ET
The Annual Meeting: Best Practices For Virtual & Moving Forward

Private equity and venture capital firms have traditionally put a great deal of time and thought into planning their annual meetings. Wanting to impress their limited partners, they’ve in the past stressed over the venue, how long it should last, the data to be shown, and who from the firm should speak. The pandemic, though, upended things – perhaps for good. Rather than in-person the meetings have become virtual – and often taped. LPs, who often had to choose between meetings, now find themselves able to view multiple ones, often with junior team members.

In this special webinar, a group of top GPs and LPs discuss what’s worked and what hasn’t when it’s come to the annual meeting and what firms may and should do with it – as soon as this fall.

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April 21, 2021    I    1:00 – 2:00 PM ET
The Rise of Co-Investing by LPs in Early-Stage Tech: Why It's Happening & Where It's Headed?

Co-investing is not new to limited partners. Lured in by the potential for strong returns and reduced fees, institutional investors have been teaming up on deals with private equity firms for some time. But what is new for many LPs is co-investing in venture deals, often early-stage ones.

In this special webinar sponsored by 500 Startups, we will examine this trend, what LPs are doing or could be doing to get comfortable with such transactions, the steps that GPs are taking or should be taking to make LPs comfortable, and how these transactions are being structured and executed. 

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April 28, 2021 - Save the Date!
“Meet the LPs” Networking Event

Hear from leading LPs about their programs and plans for the year ahead. You’ll get valuable face-time by visiting small LP-led roundtables where you can get your questions answered and make lasting connections.

June 15 -17, 2021 - Save the Date!
Virtual Women’s Leadership Unbound Summit

Falk Marques Group's Women's Leadership Unbound is an interactive Summit for GPs, LPs, and industry advisors that already play a key role within their firm and are ready to break through to the next level of power. A unique virtual conference, Leadership Unbound provides an actionable roadmap – tools, information, and smart next steps – for women to enhance their value to their firms and advance to the highest level.


March 25, 2021    I    1:00 – 2:00 PM ET
Bringing Diversity & Inclusion to Portfolio Company Boards: What Can Be Done?

A recent study conducted by Him For Her and Crunchbase found that only half of the most heavily funded venture-backed private companies have at least one woman on their boards. More notably, only 3 percent of the board seats of these companies were held by women of color. Such data points lead to several questions: Why are these numbers so low and what can firms – both those in venture capital and in private equity – do to make their portfolio companies’ boards more diverse?

In this special webinar led by Deloitte, you will hear:

  • Current DE&I trends and business imperatives in the VC and PE landscape—Why diverse boards are important
  • What VC funds can do to improve diversity at the fund level
  • What are PE firms doing to making boards more diverse
  • How regulations tied to the diversity of publicly traded boards is filtering down to private companies
  • How to attract diverse candidates and make them feel valued—and the questions candidates are or should be asking

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