Rohr plants capital in a company providing AI tools to indoor growers


S2G Ventures’ Cristina Rohr plants capital in a company providing precision agriculture solutions to indoor growers. S2G and Ceres Partners led iUNU’s $7 million Series A financing.

Based in Seattle, iUNU has developed a platform that features a system of mobile and fixed cameras with high definition imaging and environmental sensors that measure and record everything, including the real-time growth rate of each plant. The platform detects minute changes in the health of individual plants, giving growers the precise knowledge they need for proactive management.

In a statement, Cristina said iUNU’s system “continues to attract greenhouse growers as a leading comprehensive greenhouse management platform” and that S2G supports its plans “to make indoor growing operations more profitable and efficient.”

In conjunction with the financing, Cristina became a member of iUNU’s board. She joined S2G in 2018 from Edgewater Funds.

S2G is a multi-stage venture firm investing across the food, agriculture, oceans and seafood markets.

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