FYRFLY's Maples says hello to virtual exam proctoring


FYRFLY Venture Partners’ Julie Maples gives an “A” to a company that she tells Women’s PE Briefs “democratizes education.” FYRFLY led Rosalyn.ai’s $2.2 million seed round.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Rosalyn provides artificial intelligence-powered exam proctoring to educational institutions and certification programs. The company evolved out of founder Noor Akbari – who came to Columbus from war-torn Afghanistan – recognizing the need for a scalable remote proctoring software solution to maintain the integrity of globally-deployed exams. Utilizing machine learning, Rosalyn enables test sponsors to be sure that assessments are fair and secure, and candidates don’t gain an unfair advantage. The company’s application invigilates exams by verifying identity, securing the test computer, and monitoring and recording individual test sessions. AI powers the real-time monitoring, looking for patterns of behavior which indicate that a test-taker isn’t working independently or violating the rules of the exam. When a potential violation is detected, Rosalyn escalates the event to a human arbiter for review and decision. The company’s service offers the same kind of security as test centers, but at a lower cost. The company is being built to scale to millions of tests per month. It estimates that the market for proctored assessments in education, employment and training is more than $100 billion and growing.

Julie, who co-founded FYRFLY, said Noor was referred to her by a later-stage firm. “It’s a perfect example of a founder with deep domain expertise (curriculum vitae) and AI applied to the education market,” she said. “Virtual proctoring is a massive opportunity for higher ed degrees and certifications and Rosalyn enables people in remote areas to gain credentials and degrees previously not available to them. Democratizes education.”

Julie founded FRYFLY in 2014 with Philipp Stauffer. She is on the boards of Tango Card, Pley, Trace and Feed.fm.

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