Cates guides Leeds Illuminate into a developer of virtual reality training for emotional intelligence


Leeds Illuminate’s Susan Cates guides the firm into a developer of immersive virtual reality training for emotional intelligence in the workplace. Leeds Illuminate led Mursion’s $20 million Series B round.

Based in San Francisco, Mursion uses virtual reality simulations to train individuals to be more empathetic and emotionally adept. Organizations use Mursion as a safe place to practice human skills, such as emotional intelligence, adaptability and resilience. The company has partnerships with T-Mobile, Coca-Cola, LinkedIn and Johnson & Johnson.

In a statement, Susan said that the company’s “extraordinary recent growth is evidence of the market need for an immersive and easily accessible platform to practice behaviors tied to strategic imperatives, across business, health care, government and education environments.” She said the company’s “unique approach delivers measurable results and real impact for learners ranging from doctors to front-line mangers to K12 teachers.”

Susan leads Leeds Illuminate with Elizabeth Chou. The two joined Leeds Equity Partners last year to create a new firm that would focus on the gap they saw in education and workforce development impact. To date, the firm has made one other investment, in Eruditus, which offers courses to students in more than 80 countries.

Susan’s background includes investing and operating roles in the education sector, including as chief operating officer at 2U, Inc., a publicly traded company that supports online degree programs.

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