Burnhill tapped to co-lead Emerald Peak Private Equity


Lauren Burnhill is tapped to co-lead a private equity firm focused on alleviating poverty and fighting against inequalities in Latin America.

Lauren was appointed managing partner of Emerald Peak Private Equity. She will jointly manage the day-to-day operations of the firm with fellow managing partner Pol Thielen. Lauren has long focused on “access to finance” – bankable and sustainable financing programs for businesses.

A former chief investment officer of ACCION International, Lauren is managing director of One Planet Ventures, LLC, a strategic finance consultancy that helps public and private clients identify, structure and implement inclusive, responsible, sustainable policies and programs that match values, practices and purpose. She was also an investment committee member at Calvert Impact Capital, which enables people to invest for good.

Emerald Peak has teams operating in five cities on two continents, including Washington, DC; Managua, Nicaragua; and Costa Rica. The firm seeks to deploy patient capital to transform the economic situation of the people in Central America and strategically aligned regions of Mexico, the Andean countries and the Caribbean.

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