Bronfman joins $4.2M financing of Wellory


Entrepreneur Hannah Bronfman is among those investing in a company that emerged from Emily Hochman’s struggles with fad and yo-yo dieting. Hannah took part in Wellory’s $4.2 million financing, which also included Story Ventures, Harlem Capital Partners, Ground Up Ventures and executives from such companies as Google, Amazon and Glossier.

Based in New York, Wellory has created what it describes as an “anti-diet app” that delivers one-on-one personalized nutrition coaching. The company is seeking to make personalized nutrition accessible for all and teaching consumers how to make better nutrition choices. Wellory is focused on making micro adjustments that lead to macro behavior change.

After experiencing several potentially chronic illnesses as a result of her dieting, Emily enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where, with a balanced nutritional plan, and the right support system, she was able to rebuild her health. Wellory emerged from that experience, her work as a certified health coach and her prior role managing the customer success team at tech startup WayUp.

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