Illuminate Ventures Whitepaper "Today's MBA Student is Tomorrow's Entrepreneur"

From our Women's PE Briefs - week commencing January 11, 2021

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With MBA students being drawn to entrepreneurship more than ever before, Illuminate Ventures sought to understand more about those students – including whether gender impacts views. As a result, Illuminate – which was founded by Cindy Padnos – teamed up with MBA Students at Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School to produce “Today’s MBA Student is Tomorrow’s Entrepreneur: A View of Gender’s Impact on Career Choices.”

Based on more than 500 responses at more than 20 top U.S. MBA programs, the white paper provides insight on the unique experiences and concerns of both male and female MBAs pursuing entrepreneurship and venture capital. The paper reveals key differences between male and female attitudes, including perceived confidence gaps, concern over the availability of funding, and influences and barriers on their paths to success. It also covers shared views and motivations, including the necessary attributes to bring ideas to market.

This is the third publication that Illuminate has done with support of MBAs at Carnegie Mellon, having earlier produced “Gender Differences in Entrepreneurship: Voices of Founders and Funders” and “High Performance Entrepreneurs: Women in High Tech.” 

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